Working outside the classroom

All Change Makers modules involve team working, or working on individual projects alongside other students. This means developing closer relationships and working collaboratively or companionably with a small group of students within the class. You may want to keep in touch with them or meet between classes, as well as working closely during class time.

In physical classrooms, we work in teams by sitting in groups around the same table, or in a circle – spread out around the room. But in many classes, some student groups prefer to go and work in the library, in a departmental study area, or even in the cafĂ©. And as long as you attend the start of class, keep up with your work and report back frequently to update your teacher on your progress and get feedback, we are very happy for you to do that.

So how does this work in the online space?

Well in every Change Makers class we have our main Zoom class video, and we also set up multiple Zoom rooms – one dedicated to each team, and then some noisy and quiet working rooms and also some 1:1 rooms. This allows you to work together on your assignments or projects, while being able to communicate over video. You can also screenshare to work collaboratively.

But what if you don’t like Zoom? What if you’ve developed an affinity with Teams and your group would prefer to work there? That is absolutely fine. As long as you join the main Zoom at the start of class, you may let your teacher know that you will going to work on Teams – your teacher may ask you to come back to the Zoom at a particular time, or to stay in touch via Basecamp. But we are happy for you to work in the way that suits you best – within the setup of our classes.

You may also want to meet on video between classes – you can either join a Mix and Match session on Zoom, start your own Zoom or Teams meeting at any time, or even meet up face to face if that is possible for all team members.

For staying in touch with each other, we recommend using your Team Chat in your team space on Basecamp, or using a group Ping on Basecamp. However, we know that many students like to use WhatsApp – and that is fine too.

Please remember that when you are communicating or meeting outside of class spaces or times, you must behave courteously and professionally at all times.

We will not tolerate bullying, harassment, unkindness, exclusion or other negative forms of behaviour in any types of communication or meeting related to our module.

If you see any such behaviour, please take a screenshot or make a note of what happened and tell your class teacher about it – even if it was not directed at you. You might also want to intervene or speak up directly in the moment – this is your own judgement about whether you feel safe and comfortable to do so.

If you are the victim of any undesirable behaviour, please report it to your teacher. Reporting such behaviour is really important – even if you are not sure whether the behaviour amounts to bullying or harassment – it is better to report it and let your teacher investigate and make a decision than to ignore something that is potentially harming yourself or a colleague.

You can refer to our policy on Bullying and Harassment if you want further guidance on this.

All that said, we hope that you have a fantastic time working with other students, and begin building long lasting relationships and friendships that outlive our module together.