How do I join my first class?

We have designed a fully interactive online learning experience that might be a bit different to other types of online learning that you have encountered. We love spending time with you and helping you to learn in different and exciting ways – and that is no different online. Read on to find out how to join your first class and prepare for your Change Makers module.

Before Your First Class
  1. Check your email for your Basecamp invitation – you need this to join our virtual classroom. If you can’t find your invitation, please email your lecturer and we can resend it.
  2. Create your Basecamp account – make sure you use your real name for your username otherwise your account will be deleted for security purposes. Add a photo to your profile so that we can easily identify each other in class.
  3. Complete any introductory activities that your teacher has posted for you in the classroom.
  4. Check out this handbook for more information about how the classes will work. In particular, this page on the structure of classes and when you need to do things by will be helpful.
  5. Download Zoom onto your preferred device. Make sure you have updated to the latest version as there are important security and functionality updates that you will need.
On The Day of Class

Your class will begin at 4pm (UK time) on Monday (second years), Tuesday (first years) or Thursday (third and fourth years).

  1. Login to Basecamp just before 4pm/at 4pm (UK time)
  2. Enter the ‘Classroom’ for your module
  3. Go to the ‘Session Links and Plans’ section
  4. You will find details about the session you are about to join as well as the Zoom link
  5. Click on the link to join the Zoom at 4pm (make sure that you are logged in to your Imperial College Zoom account and not a private or personal account)
  6. Our classes will be ‘camera on’, so please be ready to greet your classmates face to face. If you need to turn your camera off briefly at any time for privacy reasons, that is ok – but the classes will require face to face interaction.
But I’m in a different time zone and the class starts at inconvenient o’clock

This year, most of us should be in the UK, so we shouldn’t have too much difficulty with time zones. However, on occasion you might find yourself in a different time zone, and we will keep measures in place to help you cope with that and join in with our classes during your day time.

For the first week, if you are in a time zone that makes it difficult to join class, we would be really grateful if you could join the start of the first class so that we can say hello and let you know how the classes will work.

You are then free to get off to bed if needed!

We completely understand if it is too late for you though, and we will touch base with you later. If you are not able to join class, please send us a private Ping in Basecamp so that we know to be in touch with you later.

Every student needs to complete the Check In activity within 24 hours of the start of class, so make sure that you do that, even if you don’t attend the ‘live’ session. All the information you need will be in the classroom.

Mix and Match Hours

Don’t forget that we have additional Mix and Match Hours during the week at 8am (UK time) for any student to come along to the classroom, chat and Zoom, ask questions and spend time with your lecturer. If you are in a different time zone, these sessions will be particularly useful.

I don’t want to share my video

You will be asked to join all Change Makers classes with your video on. This is because we need to see each other to work together effectively online. You are not joining your class to listen to a lecture or to watch a demonstration. We will be having conversations, we’ll be collaborating and we will be getting to know each other as friends and colleagues. All these things are really tricky online, so we need to give ourselves as many advantages as possible.

We will all be joining classes from different types of work space – some of us will be on campus, some might be in a classroom or study area, others might be in the library, in a clinical setting or even outdoors, on public transport or in a cafĂ©. Others of us, including your teachers will be joining classes from our homes. We will all be feeling a bit self conscious about what is going on around or behind us – but there really is nothing to worry about. Distractions, interruptions and occasional video bombing is all a part of working online – and we will encounter this together.

Having said that, you might prefer to use a Zoom background. In your Basecamp classroom you will find some downloadable Zoom backgrounds that you can load onto your Zoom (along with instructions to help you do it). You can also create your own Zoom backgrounds – and some of our modules will have specific team activities that include making a team background.

So there are lots of options for protecting your privacy.

And of course, although we ask you to have your cameras turned on for class, you can absolutely turn your cameras off briefly if you need a moment of privacy for any reason during the class.