What skills will I gain?

Building Your Skill Profile

All Change Makers modules have been designed to help you develop a range of skills that will be useful to you both in your disciplinary study for your degree, and in your future learning and employment.

This skillset comprises five categories, and we make sure that each Change Maker module includes a balance of different skill building opportunities across all five categories.

Learning Fitness

Skills in this category help you to perform well in your studies and make you the best ‘learner’ you can possibly be. This category includes skills that build your resilience as a learner.


Skills in this category help you to develop advanced thinking capability. This includes independence of thought and critical thinking. 

Handling Information

Skills in this category help you to find, evaluate and analyse different types of information. This includes both library research where you evaluate information produced by other people and empirical research to generate your own data. 


This category includes communication, collaboration and team working skills. 


This category includes skills that will help to make you an effective and fearless problem solver.

Make your own plan

Every module will provide a range of opportunities to develop different skills from these skill categories. After each class activity or assignment, you will be asked to reflect on which skills you worked on, and how it went.

However, this isn’t the limit to what you can achieve.

If you are particularly keen to work on a specific type of skill during your module, let your lecturer know. They will try to find opportunities to support this during your time together.

Last Updated 22nd August 2022