What do co-learners do?

In our first-year modules you will receive extra support during the classes from our module Co-Learners. The module leaders will introduce each session and are always available to offer support, but you will also be assigned a Co-Learner.

Our Co-Learners are PhD students and post-doctoral researchers from the College.

We call them ‘Co-Learners’ because they have no specialist knowledge of the issues that you are studying, but they are very experienced at being independent learners and thinkers.

The fact that you and your Co-Learner are both learning about your chosen topic together is really important – it means that they will be demonstrating and modelling their own approach to learning and practically showing you how they would go about researching a new topic.

The most important role of the Co-Learner is to help you to develop the learning skills that are critical for working on sustainable human development. 

Your Co-Learners will not be making any decisions for you, but they will help to make sure that you understand the choices that you make and help you to get the most out of the module. Having said that, they will also be responsible for marking your work, so you should make sure you listen to their advice!

Learning with your Co-Learner can be a lot of fun. Because you are working closely together you should get to know each other really well. You can ask them about their own studies and their experiences of being an undergraduate and progressing through higher education. They will have all sorts of insights, tips and tricks to help you with your own studies.

Check out this conversation between one of our experienced Co-Learners, Alex, and a first year student Kasia.

We don’t usually have Co-Learners in our second, and third/fourth year modules as you are usually much more experienced and independent by this time. However, if you think that you might benefit from working with a Co-Learner – either for a short time to help with a particular issue or over your whole module, we are happy to arrange this for you. In this case, the Co-Learner might not be a member of the class, but rather a mentor to support your learning.