Change Makers Independent Project

Quick Info

Third/Fourth Year Module – Degree Credit or Extra Credit – 20 Weeks – Mondays – 16h00-18h00

Module Description

Undertake an independent project to explore a global issue of your choice

Follow up your own interests in human sustainable development or environmental issues with an extended independent project of your own design.

The Change Makers Independent Project is ideal if you have a particular interest in global issues and have an idea or topic of special interest that you would like to explore in some depth. The module consists of independent study, supervised by a Change Makers Teaching Fellow, who will meet with you on a regular basis to discuss your progress. Your supervision will consist of some individual one-to-one meetings and some meetings with the whole cohort of students undertaking Independent Projects to share ideas and progress.

The topic and design of the project must be agreed with both your supervisor and the Change Makers Field Leader. You will be given guidance to help you define and focus your topic appropriately so that you can complete a rich and stimulating project. At the start of the module, you will be helped to develop a proposal that details the topic, your research question or objective and the mechanism by which you wish to complete your project and be assessed. You will be given lots of ideas and shown different examples of the types of work you could produce. However, if you have your own clear ideas, we will work to incorporate them fully into a project that meets the module description. You will develop your own timetable and meeting schedule in discussion with your supervisor and then begin work on your project.

Delivery of Module

All delivery for this academic year will be online – please see the online learning section for more details.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the module you will better be able to:

  • Demonstrate systematic knowledge and critical understanding of your chosen topic
  • Propose ways of investigating a real-world issue from a new perspective, utilizing your own skills, knowledge and expertise
  • Synthesise, evaluate critically and challenge information and arguments from a range of sources to produce an original analysis
  • Work in an interdisciplinary manner to produce work for assessment
  • Plan, monitor and review your progress as an independent learner, acknowledging the value of your own unique contributions to knowledge on your subject
Indicative Core Content

Topics are to be negotiated with individual supervisors and receive the approval of the Field Leader for Change Makers, the head of Centre and the student’s personal tutor.

  • Coursework: submitted portfolio – see below (90%)
  • Practical: course performance mark – decided by your supervisor/s (10%)

As this is an independent project, you are free to design your own assessment portfolio. It should be the equivalent of a 5,000 word essay and must consist of at least two pieces, one of which must not be written. It might comprise several shorter pieces of writing, one long-form piece of writing, some practical elements and short pieces of writing, a workshop, newsletter, piece of artwork – it is completely up to you.

The course performance mark reflects the level of professional engagement you demonstrate with your supervisor when arranging and attending supervision meetings, responding to feedback that you are given and meeting deadlines.

Student Feedback

It’s really amazing to be able to design my own project and to follow up on something that I am really interested in for my future career.